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Hard Drive Forensic Tool

Forensic Tool Kit- (FTK)

FTK is an award-winning, court-cited digital investigations solution built for speed, stability and ease of use. It quickly locates evidence and forensically collects and analyzes any digital device or system producing, transmitting or storing data by using a single application from multiple devices. Known for its intuitive interface, email analysis, customizable data views, processing speeds and stability,Advanced, automated analysis without the scripting

Encase Forensic Software

Encase is an advanced forensic software solution built for deep-level digital forensic investigation, powerful processing and integrated investigation workflows with flexible reporting options. It is built with a deep understanding of the digital investigation lifecycle and the importance of maintaining evidence integrity.

Forensic Explorer

Forensic Explorer is a tool for the analysis and presentation of electronic evidence. Primary users of this software are those involved in civil or criminal investigations. Forensic  Explorer  combines  a  flexible  graphic  user  interface  (GUI)  with  advanced  sorting,  filtering, searching, previewing and scripting technology.

OS Forensics

OSForensics, by PassMark Software, is a feature-rich, robust, and versatile computer forensic software used by computer forensic professionals and DFIR investigators worldwide. Our newest release (v8) is more powerful and packed with more features than ever before, adding new industry-leading technology such as our new Forensic Image Virtual Environment feature which will automatically create a Virtual Machine from your forensic disk images (e.g., .E01).  Imagine, being able to see the system through the eyes of the suspect and capture this evidence via screenshot or video recording for inclusion in your report.

X-way Forensic

X-Ways Forensics is an advanced work environment for computer forensic examiners and our flagship product. X-Ways Forensics is more efficient to use after a while, by far not as resource-hungry, often runs much faster, finds deleted files and search hits that the competitors will miss, offers many features that the others lack, as a German product is potentially more trustworthy, comes at a fraction of the cost, does not have any ridiculous hardware requirements, does not depend on setting up a complex database, etc.!