forensic care

CCTV/ Video Forensics

A. Foclar Mandet

An easy to use platform to effectively investigate images and videos for traces of tampering.

The increasing availability of image and video manipulation tools has led to a rise in false imagery and information. Mandet provides an easy to use platform on which images and video files can be investigated. Traces of manipulation can be found by applying filters and analyzers, extracting metadata or by reviewing the file in a hexadecimal viewer. The software enables you to easily collect these traces into one single report to build a case.

B. Foclar Impress

A comprehensive toolbox for the enhancement of low quality footage to extract intelligence and build a case.

Supporting a broad range of input formats, Impress enables you to get valuable information from images and video using the extensive filter collection. Specifically aimed at forensic applications, the software provides the necessary tools to fit law enforcement requirements. By optimizing the workflow within the software, we support the more efficient achievement of results, thus reducing the workload.

C. Foclar Corepro

A specialized tool for determining suspect height using computer reverse projection.

D. DME DVR Examiner

DVR Examiner offers a forensically safe option for surveillance DVRdata recovery; Queue exports of native or open video and save timewith the included export report.

By accessing the DVR hard drive (or forensic image) directly, DVR Examiner can identify and recover video significantly faster than manually exporting individual clips from the DVR itself.

E. Cellebrite SEEKER

Cellebrite Seeker expedites the process of collecting, accessing, analyzing, and reporting video footage files. Using workflow  and  file-sharing  capabilities,  and  with  integration  into  Cellebrite’s  unmatched  analytics  capabilities,  Cellebrite Seeker supports analysis of video footage while allowing investigators to overlay footage with case data. With  Cellebrite  Seeker,  video  footage  can  be  viewed  at  each  stage  of  the  investigation,  making  data  accessible,  collaborative, and actionable.

Investigators  can  now  retrieve  video  evidence  from  a  wide  range  of  video  file  formats,  visualize  a  crime  scene,  and map a suspect’s journey to expedite case closures in a forensically sound manner.